PL, just wanted to say I have appreciated working with you. The delivery of my leads, answering my emails, and helping me with my script is greatly appreciated. And on top of that, I have recruited three new distributors in the last week. Thanks!
Stanton S.
Ameriplan USA


Thanks, Paramount, for your telephone leads, especially the 2-7 day leads. I am excited about these leads, because I can actually get in touch with people and give presentations. They are not oversold and I can afford them. My first order of 65 I signed up 4 associates and 3 new members!
Scott S.
Pre-Paid Legal

Another month and another solid month of results. With my team now using Paramount telephone interviews, we're growing and picking up steam.
Janet F.

Thanks, Paramount, for the Real time telephone interviews. These leads are incredible. I purchased the 45 package and signed up 2! That made me over $6,000 dollars in two weeks. It's nice being able to reach people. And the fact that I don’t have to compete with 4 or 5 other people. Get ready, because I’m sending the our whole team over to you guys.
Christina J.
Coastal Vacations

Thanks for your telephone leads, especially the telephone interviewed leads. I only bought 25 of your telephone interviewed leads, but I must say, I was pleased with the response. The people I spoke to were very pleasant on the phone. So far, 1 enrollment and it's looking like 1 more before Christmas. In addition, I have referred 4 of my key leaders to you and you will be receiving their orders soon.
Deborah B.

Thank you for the 10 promo leads. The tele leads thus far have been FANTASTIC! Very receptive and open to the opportunity. Thank you.
Steve H.
Pre-Paid Legal