Real Time Redirect Leads

Prospect fills out our form and immediately they are re-directed to your website!

This innovative and very hot lead is similar to the Real Time USA leads except that when the prospect fills out one of our lead capture forms and hits submit, instantly they are re-directed to your marketing web site! This is kind of like having your very own custom lead. It’s ideal to get your prospects in front of your opportunity when they are at their hottest point. If you’re quick enough at following up, you might reach them while they’re still looking at your site!

Click Here to view the lead capture page each prospect fills out to become a Real Time Redirect Lead.

Each Real Time Redirect lead will contain the following:

  • Name, Full Postal Address, Email & Phone Number
  • Best time to call & Time Zone
  • How much they are looking to make per month
  • How much they are able and willing to invest
  • Why they are looking for a home business. Note: There is an open text box where the prospect types out in his or her own words why they are looking for and want to start a home business.
  • How many hours per week they are able to invest
  • How soon they want to get started
  • IP Address & Time Stamp

You will automatically receive and additional 5% overage on your leads order to cover for any bad leads. In the very rare case that you get more than 5% in bad leads, then email them to us and we will replace them for you immediately. Nobody will take better care of you than Elite! And we’ll prove it to you.

You’ll always have complete control of your MLM leads in the astonishing all new and simple-to-use Leads Control Panel (click here to view). In your leads control panel you will be able to pause and restart your real time leads order, place new lead orders, update billing, print your leads, and much more…
Real Time Leads are sold only two other times (never to the same opportunity).
Delivery starts within two business days (99% of the time you will start getting your leads the next day).