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Real Time Telephone Interviewed Leads

Ultimate time saver leads. We’ve called and pre-screened these prospects for you.

Spend more time sponsoring and less time dialing with these super responsive Telephone Interviewed leads. Prospect fills out a form via the internet, then we personally call each of these phone mlm leads to make sure they are serious about finding the right home business. If they’re serious about finding the right opportunity, we then tell the prospect that a professional will be contacting them within 24 to 48 hours from an approved reputable home business. The lead is then delivered to you within minutes of us getting off the phone with them in real time! These network marketing leads are READY TO GO!


Real Time Redirect Leads

Prospect fills out our form and immediately they are re-directed to your website!

This innovative and very effective mlm lead is similar to the Real Time mlm leads except that when the prospect fills out our survey form and hits submit, instantly they are re-directed to your marketing web site! This is kind of like having your very own custom network marketing lead. It’s ideal to get your prospects in front of your opportunity when they are at their hottest point. If you’re quick enough at following up, you might reach them while they’re still looking at your site!


3 - 7 Day Telephone Interviewed Leads

Extremely hard to beat this lead for the money! Super responsive lead for the price.

These started out as a Real-Time Telephone Interviewed lead, worked only one other time (always a different opportunity, never the same). Not quite as responsive as the Real Time Telephone Interviews, though they are about half the price.



  • "PL, just wanted to say I have appreciated working with you. The delivery of my mlm leads, answering my emails, and helping me with my script is greatly appreciated. And on top of that, I am beginning to get some results as well. Thanks!"

    -Stanton S.
  • "Thanks, Paramount, for your telephone leads, especially the 2-7 day leads. I am excited about these leads, because I can actually get in touch with people and give presentations. They are not oversold and I can afford them. My first order of 65 I signed up 4 associates and 3 new members!"

    -Scott S.Pre-Paid Legal

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