Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the exclusivity of your leads?


A. Our Real Time Leads are sold up to two times, never to the same opportunity. They may be shared one more time after three days. Our 3-7 Day Old Leads have been shared up to two other times.

We do not believe in selling a lead or 5+ times. Other lead companies that do sell leads more than 4 or 5+ times do so because they have tremendous overhead, possibly greed, or they do not generate their own leads (which means they pay more for their leads, forcing them to sell them multiple times.

At Paramount Leads, we are more focused on building long-term business relationships with our customers and helping you to grow your business with the best quality leads at the best price, bottom line.


Q. How are the leads generated?


Each lead you receive is a prospect who has responded to one of our email campaigns. After clicking on the ad, the prospect is taken to a business opportunity site similar to there, they learn more about starting a home business of their own and if they choose to request more information, they fill out a survey form.

Our main process for generating leads to deliver to you are:

  1. Through mass email to our huge subscriber base inviting them to use our home business match up service.
  2. At Paramount Leads, we have our own in-house call center (we do not outsource) where the telephone prospects are interviewed.

To be clear, we do not use co-op/co-reg advertising or advertise on "job" sites. We do not give incentives in order to generate prospects. This is what makes Paramount Leads unique and the best period. Generating prospects with incentives is cheaper and less effective. At Paramount Leads we provide our customers with genuine opportunity seekers. Simply put, Paramount Leads delivers what other lead companies only say they can.

Do your leads receive an incentive of any kind?

Paramount's Leads are NEVER incentivized. They do not receive an offer for a free ipod, XM Radio, or vacation. They visit a website via email that is generic in nature, or company specific, where they fill out a lead capture form about starting a home business.

How does Paramount Leads compare to other leads companies?

I'm glad you asked. This is a question we get quite often. In fact, we have put together an entire web page just to help answer that quetion. This sounds extremely arrogant, but there isn't a close second in lead quality do to the fact that we are the only business opportunity lead provider have our own massive opt in email list big enough to use exclusively for lead generation. You will not get even close to the quality of Paramount's leads by advertising on sites and pay per click.


When will my leads be delivered?


Real Time orders will start within 48 hours and usually right away. Aged leads or local leads can vary depending on availability.  


Q. What is Paramount Leads' return or replacement policy?


A. We will replace disconnected and inaccurate phone numbers. These leads must be returned to the company within 5 days of when they were issued.

Send replacement leads to, or contact us by phone at (214) 338-0075.

Q. What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?


A. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. If you need to arrange another form of payment, you may Contact Us and inquire about other forms of payment.


Q. How do I get a lead order site set up for my team?


A. To help your team grow and have direct access to Paramount's leads, we can set up a team site for you. If you are a leader with a large or fast growing team and would like to get more information about a team lead order site then please contact us at (214) 338-0075.


Q. Is it safe to order online?


A.Yes. Paramount Leads has the most secure online order processing systems available. By using, all your personal information that includes your billing information is submitted via a secure server. All of this information is encrypted so that anyone trying to intercept your information would not be able to decipher it.


Q: Why does my credit card statement show a payment made to Paramount Media LLC?

A: Paramount Media LLC is the parent company of Paramount Leads. All payments are processed by Paramount Media LLC.


Q. What if I have further questions?

Then contact us with your questions.